Top noodles dishes beyond Pho in Hanoi

You are planting to have a trip to Vietnam, however you still don’t know what you will eat. When coming to Vietnam, one of the dishes you must try is pho. It is a popular dishes in almost regions in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. There are many kind of pho, which makes you be confused. VietNam Travel Blog will introduce to you top noodles dishes beyond pho in Hanoi.


Top noodles dishes beyond pho in Hanoi

The flavor of Hanoi pho is always special. Everyone who used to try Hanoi pho can not forget this especial taste.

The delicious pho have the traditional flavour. It is cooked with beef and sweet broth is processed from beef bones. That the rice stick noodles is soft is a factor to evaluate a good bolw of pho. Besides, the spices is full of lemon, chili, onion, herbs.

Pho cuon

Top noodles dishes beyond pho in Hanoi

Pho cuon is one of the most delicious dishes in Hanoi.

Beef is rolled into a slice of large rice stick noodles together with herbs, coleslaw. All  make a delicious and special dish which is favored by many people and tourists.

Bun thang

Top noodles dishes beyond pho in Hanoi

Bun thang is the most complicated dish in Hanoi. It is made from about 20 ingredients.

The main ingredients include of rice vermicelli, scrambled eggs which is very thin and sliced, chicken being tender and shredded with skin, Vietnamese ham, shrimps, shiitake mushrooms, dried pickled radishes, spring onions and laksa leaves.

The heart of this dish is the broth. A well-cooked broth is clear and fragrant.

Some famous places to eat bun thang are bun thang 32 Cau Go and bun thang Hang Hom at no.2 Hang Chi, Hang Hom, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Bun cha

Top noodles dishes beyond pho in Hanoi

Bun cha of Hanoi people consists of noodles and meat in a bowl of dipping sauce. There are grilled meat and pickled papaya in the dipping sauce. You use the chopsticks to pick up noodles and dunk in the dipping sauce. Then you can eat noodles together with pork papaya and herbs.

Some famous restaurant of bun cha in Hanoi are bun cha Huong Lien or bun cha Obama at 24 Le Van Huu, bun cha Duy Diem at 140 Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Bun rieu cua (Crab paste vermicelli soup)

Top noodles dishes beyond pho in Hanoi

The ingredients of bun rieu cua include of freshwater paddy crabs, tomatoes, spring onion, shrimp paste, fried tofu and herbs. The broth is mainly made from crabs. The crab’s roe has to be taken away from the body and the crab meat has to be crushed. Afer that, you pour water to mixture and then filter this mixture to remove the scum. The mixture filtered will be cooked with the other ingredients.

The bowl of bun rieu cua will be more garnished with spring onions, chili and pepper. Enjoying a hot bowl of bun rieu cua together with fresh raw vegetables or herbs is very perfect.

Bun dau mam tom

Top noodles dishes beyond pho in Hanoi

Bun dau is a common dish in most of pavements in Hanoi. The noodles is cut into pieces. The tofu is also cut and fried. The shrimp paste is prepared with chili, sugar and kumquat.

Eating a piece of noodles together with a piece of fried tofu and some herbs will make everyone be impossible to forget the special flavor in the first time. Some ideal addresses to enjoy bun dau mam tom are the restaurant Trung Huong in Phat Loc, Hanoi or Cay Da in Thuy Khue, Tay Ho.


In short, Vietnam travel Blog introduced the best noodles dishes you must try when traveling in Hanoi. They are the traditional dishes and symbolize the the symplicity and the essence of Vietnameses. Hope that the useful information above can help the tourists be easier in choosing and enjoying the special food in Vietnam.

Top noodles dishes beyond Pho in Hanoi
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